County Zoning

The minimal acreage for any newly created parcel of land, not part of an approved subdivision, is five (5) acres.

Permit Applications

Zoning Documents

Documentation Required for Building Permit

  • Owner of Record of at least 5 acres
  • Approved Well Permit
  • Approved Sanitation Permit is obtained by contacting Marlene Stamm of NCK Environmental, LLC., at  785-770-2057.
  • Highway Department Notification for driveway, call at 785-632-3456.
  • Site Map
  • Structure Plan
  • Floor Plan

Note: No fee is charged when the county issues a building permit.

Rezoning Fees 

(Approved as of December, 15 2003)

  • Agricultural to Residential: $100
  • Plat: $100
  • Business and Commercial: $150
  • Special Use and Industrial: $200