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Storm Shelter Registration

  1. Purpose of Registry
    The Clay County Storm Shelter Registry is a program initiated by Clay County Emergency Management. The purpose of the Storm Shelter Registry is to provide a database of storm shelter locations in Clay County to assist emergency agencies in providing aid to victims of severe weather. The registry will be a valuable tool for emergency agencies in locating and assisting residents that may have been trapped in their storm shelters by tornado debris.

    The registry consists of a list of storm shelters and information for each shelter such as contact information, shelter address, shelter type, and where on the property the shelter is located. Clay County Emergency Management will maintain the database and the shelter addresses and the Clay County Sheriff’s Department 911 Dispatch will enter the shelter locations into the 911 address files. In the event of a natural disaster, address lists and address maps of affected areas can be communicated to emergency responders involved in the search and rescue operations so that those in need of assistance can be quickly located.
  2. How to Participate
    Clay County encourages anyone with a safe room or storm shelter to register by completing the online registration form to submit their shelter information. Please be prepared to provide a name, phone number, email, shelter address, shelter location (i.e. back yard, front yard, garage, etc.), and shelter type (safe room, in-ground basement). You can register a safe room, storm cellar, in-ground storm shelters, or basements.

    The online form can also be printed and faxed to 785-632-5812 or returned to:
    Clay County Emergency Management Office
    703 Second Street
    Clay Center, KS 67432
  3. Disclaimer
    Your storm shelter information will not be shared or distributed for any reason other than to aid Clay County emergency responders. This is a voluntary registration. By registering your storm shelter we do not guarantee that your shelter will be checked first. In case of an emergency situation, responders will evaluate the situation and prioritize their response based on the most urgent identified needs.
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